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Bobea, The Lost Seal

Jadea | | Jadea's Gemblog

Hi everyone, I just want to show you all this picture I have painted. It is a picture of Bobea the little seal with his mummy. Fluo told me that she and Gyp found him and he was very sad because he was lost and he didn’t know how to get home, so Fluo and Gyp took him to visit the kind and Gentle Ice-Wizard and he did a magic spell to help Bobea.

He waved his magic wand and said, “Wando, wando come to life. Take us to Bobea’s home in a flash of light. Quickly now, count one, two, three and we’ll be there just wait and see.”

It was such a lovely story with a very happy ending because Bobea found his mummy again. Hope you like my painting.

Remember share the love and hold the magic.

Love and big hugs from

Jadea xxx