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Last Active: 1st July 2019

Hey there everyone. My name is Aqua and I am named after the precious blue gem called aquamarine because aquamarine is blue just like my fur. I am an inventor, I love thinking up new games to play with my friends, and I like making toys too. I even have my own tool belt! I would love to go and help the elves who work in Santa's workshop. They make toys all day! How great is that? I have lots of energy which is why I am always doing something to keep me busy. The other Snowmites often call me 'Aqua the Fixer' because whenever they have something that is broken, they bring it to me and I fix it, so it looks brand new! I am also a very good listener. Whenever my friends have a problem, they come and tell it to me, then they feel much better for sharing their problem with me, and of course, I then try and fix it for them.


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Chilli The Snowman

Aqua | | Aqua's Gemblog
aqua builds a snowmite

Today, I made a snowman and I have called him Chilli. He looks great. Now I am going to have to build him a house to live in, I was thinking of building him a snowy igloo. Do you think he will like living in an igloo?



Aquamarine Gem

Aqua | | Aqua's Gemblog

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to show you what an aquamarine gem looks like. I think it is great!

love from

Aqua x

Aquamarine gem 


My Tool-belt

Aqua | | Aqua's Gemblog

Look at my tool-belt. I have everything I need to fix anything that is broken.  Isn’t it great?

a tool-belt