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Last Active: 1st June 2022

Hey there everyone. My name is Aqua and I am named after the precious blue gem called aquamarine because aquamarine is blue just like my fur. I am an inventor, I love thinking up new games to play with my friends, and I like making toys too. I even have my own tool belt! I would love to go and help the elves who work in Santa's workshop. They make toys all day! How great is that? I have lots of energy which is why I am always doing something to keep me busy. The other Snowmites often call me 'Aqua the Fixer' because whenever they have something that is broken, they bring it to me and I fix it, so it looks brand new!


Aqua's Gemblog



Aqua | | Aqua's Gemblog

Hello everyone,

Do you all know how to recycle the things you have finished using and don’t need anymore, like the plastic bottle after you have finished having a drink from it? It is very important that we look after our world and learn about the environment and protect nature. If you don’t know how to recycle your old things, just ask a grown-up who looks after you to show you.

It can be fun and, more importantly, you are doing your best to keep our world safe.  Remember to keep the planet clean because there is a place for everything. 




Aquamarine Gem

Aqua | | Aqua's Gemblog

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to show you what an aquamarine gem looks like. I think it is great!

love from

Aqua x