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Last Active: 1st July 2019

My name is Fluo and I like to make sure everyone is organised, so I have to be in charge. My friends just think I am being bossy, but I'm not being bossy; I just like making sure everyone knows what they are doing. I always wear a purple ribbon in my hair as purple is my favourite colour. My fur is purple too and so is the precious gem fluorite, which I am named after. I think Fluo is just the best name ever! It is the greatest name ever! I also love singing; especially in our pop band. Have you heard me singing? I think Zandeer has a very beautiful singing voice. She can even sing to the Whispering Winds, which is how the three Weather-Wizards found our magical iceberg because they heard Zandeer singing to them. I think that is really great - it is magical!


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Pengy and Pearl – The Dancing Penguins!

Fluo | | Fluo's Gemblog

Pengy and Pearl who are my two bessy penguin friends came to visit me today, and they really know how to dance. They are just so funky! I had so much fun because we danced to our new Snowmite song, it was really great! Come on everyone – let’s boogie on down…


Fluorite Gem

Fluo | | Fluo's Gemblog

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to show you all what the precious gem fluorite looks like. Look, its purple – just like the colour of my fur. It looks really, really, nice, doesn’t it?


Fluo x

Fluorite gem