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Last Active: 1st June 2022

A big hello to all my new friends. My name is Gyp. Sometimes my friends call me 'little Gyp' because I am the smallest Snowmite out of all the others. I wasn't named after a precious gem like the other Snowmites. I was named after a crystal called gypsum; it sparkles really brightly and it is a silvery grey and brown colour just like my fur. Sometimes you can find Gypsum in a gold colour too. I love visiting all my new friends through Magic Dreams because we always have so much fun together. So when you go to sleep at night - think of me, and I'll be there to take you on a magical adventure.


Gyp's Gemblog


The Northern Lights

Gyp | | Gyp's Gemblog
“WOW! Look at them. What are they?” I asked Zandeer as I held onto her tightly.
“Those are the Northern Lights,” explained Zandeer softly. “They are also known as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora australis’ in the south.”
Standing under the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights, it’s easy to forget yourself. The realization of the enormity of the universe washes over you, and you feel small (in a good way) and full of wonder….
Zandeer shows Gyp the Northern Lights

Gypsum Crystal

Gyp | | Gyp's Gemblog

Hi everyone,

This is what the crystal Gypsum looks like, – doesn’t it sparkle brightly? 



Ice-Worm Wormy

Gyp | | Gyp's Gemblog

Has anyone seen Ice-Worm Wormy recently? It’s just that all the Snow-Wizard’s iceberg lettuces have disappeared from his garden, and I’m sure Ice-Worm Wormy is the culprit.