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Last Active: 1st June 2022

Who loves fairy tales? I do! My name is Jadea and I love pretending to be a princess; it is wonderful. I even have a shiny gold crown which I always wear everywhere I go. I have a big treasure chest full of fancy clothes and shoes because I love dressing up in them. I simply adore all the precious gems and crystals that are on our enchanting Island of Ice, I make lots of pretty things out of them, like necklaces. I also love seashells, which I collect and sometimes make pictures or decorations out of them to make my snow burrow look beautiful. I love painting and drawing and writing stories. I am named after the precious gem jade because jade is a green colour, just like my fur.


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Jadea and Metamorphic Rock

Jadea | | Jadea's Gemblog

Did You Know?

Metamorphic rocks get their name from the Greek

words ‘meta and morphe’

meaning ‘change of form.’




Jade Gem

Jadea | | Jadea's Gemblog

Hi everyone,

I just want to show you the precious gem of Jade. Isn’t it simply stunning!