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Last Active: 1st June 2022

Who loves playing tricks on their friends? I do! Don't you think it is so much fun? My name is Jasper but you can call me Jazzy Jasper because I wear a jazzy headband and it looks cool! I love singing in our band. It is really cool being a pop star and dancing is such much fun! My favourite trick is throwing snowballs at the other Snowmites when they are not looking - ha! ha! You should see the look on their faces when the snow splats all over them, ha! ha! It is so funny! I once pretended there was a giant on our magical iceberg, but that is another story and I will tell you about it later. I am named after the red Jasper gem which is the same colour as my fur. I love the colour red, it's my favourite colour!


Jasper's Gemblog


Jasper Gem

Jasper | | Jasper's Gemblog

Hey there everyone, it’s jazzy Jasper here. 

In case you have never seen a red Jasper gem before, I found this picture of one just to show you all.

Stay cool 

Love from Jazzy Jasper x



Can You Do This?

Jasper | | Jasper's Gemblog

This is one of my favorite poses in Yoga. It is called the Puppy Dog pose. It is really easy – first, start on your hands and knees and then slowly straighten your legs and lift your hips into the air. Look down at your toes and take several deep breaths in and out through your nose before coming out of the pose.

Did you do it?