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Last Active: 1st June 2022

Hello everyone. My name is Topaz, and I am known as a Meditation Guru. When Zandeer was teaching us about meditation and Yoga, I loved both so much that I started practicing doing both more each day, (you have to practice something if you want to be good at it – everything takes time to learn). Eventually, I became known as a meditation guru because after a lot of practice, I got to be really good at it; - everyone then started asking me to help them to meditate; especially Aqua, he has so much energy - he often finds it hard to stop, sit down, relax and have some quiet time for himself. I am named Topaz after the precious gem topaz. The precious gem topaz can be found in lots of different colours but I am named after the yellow topaz because that one is the same colour as my fur.


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Hi everyone, 

I am known as a meditation guru. YES! It’s me Topaz! I guess you must be wondering why I am known as a guru when none of the other Snowmites are; especially, as we all like to meditate and exercise with Yoga. It’s because all of us (and this also means you as well as the other Snowmites) – we each have different personalities and because we are all different – we have lots of different qualities; for example, Jadea is a great artist, she can draw the most awesome pictures and she is also good at writing stories, whereas  Fluo doesn’t draw often, but she has an amazing voice and she can sing like an angel… Do you understand what I mean, we are all different, and we should all embrace how special we are in our difference?

I just wanted to let you know that I have recorded a meditation track talking about how to open your seven Chakras – and it would be great if you will join in with me. My meditation track is a free download – you simply scan the QR code which you will find printed in our new book, ‘Treasures of The Earth’ with any smart device, and you’ll be ready to go.