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I just want to say hello to all my new friends. My name is Turquo and I am named after the precious gem turquoise. I think Zandeer was very clever to name us all after the precious gems which is the same colour as our fur because then you can all learn the different colours and the names of precious gems. I love reading and I have lots of different books in my snow burrow. I am very careful in everything I do, and I'm always checking over things twice because I don't like making mistakes. Oh! I am also very tidy, so I am forever putting things away when the other Snowmites have finished using them. My friends all think I am being fussy, but I know, I am just being careful. Can you just imagine if we all went on a picnic and forgot to put the food in the basket! Well! It wouldn't be a very good picnic then, would it? So, that is why I always check things twice just to make sure we haven't forgotten anything!


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The Volcano Pose

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In Yoga, this is called ‘The Volcano Pose.’ Just stand tall with your feet slightly apart. Bring your hands to the prayer position. Inhale and push your hands to the sky. Exhale and move your
hands to the side and then back to the centre. See if you can do it.




Turquoise Gem

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Hi everyone,

This is what the precious gem turquoise looks like. It is my favourite of all gems.

Love from

Turquo x




Wow! Look! It’s a Magic Spell Book!

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Wow! Look! It’s a Magic Spell Book!

You all know how much I simply love reading books! I have so many beautiful books, so when the Ice-Wizard told me he had a Magic Spell Book, I was very excited and I just had to see it. It was amazing, every page sparkled brightly, and there were so many spells, that it took me ages to count them all. I asked the Ice-Wizard if he had a spell that would make the other snowmites to be tidier with their things but he just laughed and said, ‘You don’t need magic to be tidy.’ He’s right – don’t you agree?